A short rambling introduction to my blog

“Because real problems are for the educated.”

Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to stop participating in the problem.”

– Jonathan Mead

Why i’m Here

A first world problem is an informal term for the issues in first world nations that are complained about in response to the perceived absence of more pressing concerns.

This is according to wikipedia, and who am i to argue. I like many others do have more pressing concerns, however i really enjoy first world problems and ignoring real life. Not mine of course but yours. I love scrolling through social media and making light of some of the things people moan about and why shouldn’t they? To them it’s the biggest issue in the world, it is all a question of perspective.

What are my intentions? To waste time really, some good old fashioned procrastination while i avoid my own issues. i have no intentions of trying to convince anyone that my opinions are correct, i’m married, my opinions haven’t been correct for years. I’m not looking to offend, although if anyone bothers to read this i’m sure i will with either my colourful language or my views that i’ll manage that anyway. (i’m a bit of a knob at times, but i’ve made my peace with it.)

This is all just supposed to be some lighthearted fun, a way for my to avoid dealing with life and maybe give you a break from yours. I will try to include other opinions from around the net and if there should be such a thing back up my thoughts with evidence. Given that most of this will just be my opinion odds are that evidence will be supplied by unicorns and honest politicians.

If you come across a 1st world problem, one you love and would like to discuss please message or comment and i’ll be happy to weigh in. If you’d like to comment or argue please do, but don’t get upset and don’t take it too seriously or you might just be missing the point.

Bare in mind, that this being born out of my brain. My brain which is bored due to the many restrictions imposed by Covid-19, and the brain belongs to someone who reads too much and fancies putting his own views and thoughts forth. I promise it will be far from professional, but maybe a little fun?

All the best.

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