Stick with me, this really is going somewhere. Have you ever been anywhere in public (airport, train stations, shopping centres) and been walking along in a crowd minding your own business, maybe daydreaming or window shopping and suddenly without warning the person walking in front of you stops. Bang. You walk straight into them, or jump to one side to avoid hitting them only to bump someone else and you end up looking like a twat and stuttering out whatever apology no one has stopped to hear. To make matters worse they’re walking away muttering under their breath about you not being aware of your surroundings. Well let me tell you you’re not alone!

I feel this is a #1stwp. It’s not really an issue and i might be alone in my experiences of it. I consider myself a patient person, when i get stuck behind slow walkers and there is no other avenue to progress around them i’ll slow my pace. If i’m going to be late getting stressed isn’t going to help my frame of mind. But when someone just stops i flash. I’ll get angry. I may even let a curse word escape my lips (usually to the upset of my wife) and maybe throw a dirty look. Afterwards i tend to feel nobbish for allowing myself for getting angry at something so simple but it doesn’t stop it upsetting me when it happens again in the future.

Why so upset to bother writing about it? Timing. It’s always in the same key places. The elevator is full and the first person gets out and realises he’s got no fucking clue which way he wants to go and stops. No thoughts for the ten people behind him also wanting to get off at this floor. On an escalator. You’ve made the conscious choice to get on the escalator. Before you went up you knew where you were going and that you actually wanted to go up. But low and behold you get to the top have a brain fart and have no clue which direction you want to go, what do you choose to do? Stop! So clearly in the midst of this brain fart you’ve forgotten how escalators work and that people are still coming up. Now i like many others had an irrational fear of escalators as a kid. I thought the machine was going to suck me under if i didn’t step off in good time. Good news, i moved passed it but unfortunately i’m still going up and while i’m not going to get sucked under i am going to bang into you and sure as shit the person behind me is going to hit us both. So next time you don’t know, just take a few steps forward and have a think.

The last one is a pretty common one. The main thoroughfare. Corridors, pavements and exits/entrances. I’ve never had someone enter a building in front of me and stop but exiting a building it happens more often than i’d like. The reason i bring this one up it usually for for similar reasons. You’ve left with someone whos going in a different direction and you feel the need to stop and stay goodbye right there. Having a fucking chat at a busy doorway, not clever. Alos dirty smokers. “I’m outside and must light up immediately so the people protected by the law can at least get a whiff on their way out” thank you very much.

The fact is we’re all guilty. Myself included, and at the point i’m writing this Covid-19 is rampaging around the world and people are placing bets to see how far it goes, so thankfully busy streets and public buildings aren’t something we’ll have to deal with anytime soon. Even then its very quickly becoming socially acceptable to tell the person standing too close to back the fuck up so maybe this is a rant of the past!

So i’ve addressed you the reader a lot. It’s not aimed at you, but if you feel guilty maybe it is!


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