Anti Vaxers

So… I hear you say, but anti-vaxers can’t possible be a #1wp and if it is why? The answer is really simple, they’re against vaccines because its in their nature. They want to be against something, they read about too many historical protests that have helped shape part of the world we know and thought ‘that could be me.’ The only problem is, in most first world countries the big protesting problems have mostly been dealt with. There are no issues that haven’t been addressed in some fashion by major governments around the world. Same sex relationships are slowly being allowed to marry, adopt and given same death benefits. There are now no laws in first world countries the give preferential treatment to based on colour of skin, unfortunately racist idiots will still exist in the world, if there was a way to deal with racists i’m all for it. The climate issue is a constant on the agenda if many governments and the UN, wether they ever achieve anything remains to be seen but they are talking about it so whats to protest.

So whats left? You can protest and be for nuclear disarmament if you like, however as long as so many nations filled with distrust for each other its never going to happen. And then someone says, ‘hey guys, i think vaccines could be bad for our children’ and people who want to protest and were currently missing a cause were like ‘fuck yeah!’ and suddenly a movement is formed. Now i’m aware i’m being judgmental, they might be on to something, they may be right. The evidence suggests otherwise. The cases of Polio sense vaccinations have gone round the world have decreased 99%. From 350,ooo cases worldwide to just 22 cases reported in 2017. Call me crazy, that seems pretty good. And there are no proof linking it to in an increase of any mental health issues.

So i guess i’m saying the real reason they are a #1wp is that despite overwhelming evidence that vaccines are a positive thing in the world they’re against them. Causing their own children to be at risk of death for no reason other than their need to be against something. Now while i have no problem with them in general as i’m vaccinated, my daughter will be vaccinated my wife and our families are vaccinated which means should there be an outbreak due to the gaps in public immunity i won’t be attending any funerals.

The latest i’ve seen and isn’t really for my argument, because aside from a few more stats i don’t think i can strengthen my argument anymore, is that people are so proud of big Donnie Trump. This is apparently because of his amazing handling of the Covid-19 situation. We’ll leave that for better educated people to decide, however under the news story of a potential vaccine development were hundreds of comments begging Big Donnie not to make an vaccine mandatory. They’re more than happy for the covid nightmare to be over as long as they and their families aren’t required to get vaccinated. The words just don’t compute, we’re happy if a vaccine is developed but we’d still like a chance to die please.

As always, this is only my opinion. If you disagree, please feel free to make it hateful comments about it. I’d say leave links that prove my opinion wrong, i just don’t think they exist.


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