Apparently the average person sleeps for a total of 27 years in their life. Other than breathing is there another activity we’ll do more in our lives? Sleeping is most definitely a first world problem, a second world problem and a third world problem too. How often have you been at work and some comes in looking like death warmed up and blurting out, “i had the worst nights sleep.” I know i’ve been that guy more often than i’d like but maybe not as often as i deserve. My problem is there not enough hours in the day for the things i want to do and the sleep i want to have. Can’t force myself to stop everything at reasonable times. I’m certain i’m not alone.

There’s no solution to this as a collective. Its not something i’m saying the governments of the world need to drop funds into research, but it is a definite problem. I personally am putting it down to all the distractions in the world. When i was younger shocking events would take place around the world and despite television and phone communications it could be a day or two until events could be backed up and reported. Now, with the internet, more often than not its all over social media before “professional” reporters have made it to the scene. And we lap it up. My partner and I had the worst habits, phone screens first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Our brains never stand a chance. Its always, one more video or one more news story. I mean right this second i should be asleep. I’m attending a course daily from 9-12am so at midnight i’m writing a stupid blog. Mostly because my mind doesn’t want to shut down. Also because i’ve been thinking about this topic today and i’ve just finished with another thing that has probably stolen hours from my bed. Online gaming.

So my question is this, if in know all these distractions are not altogether healthy and that i’ll regret not going straight to bed, why am i not turning off the notebook? Why am i not kicking the dog out, brushing my teeth and climbing into bed next to my probably already sleeping wife? The answer is because i’ll probably pick up the kindle and read a chapter before bed. For the record i have a newborn so sleep unless its with a baby on me doesn’t feature to heavily in my day, she also likes to interrupt my nights at least twice. The irony is that 7 weeks ago i had the exact opposite problem. I was living in Covid times, staying in bed to midday, having breakfast at 12 and thinking ‘i sleep too much.’ Which is also a problem.

How man issues would we say we have with sleep? Overslept, under slept, interrupted sleep, nightmares, night terrors and i’m sure 100’s of complaints of sleeping dodgy positions that leave us in pain and unrefreshed the next day.

Also, where does the term sleep like a baby come from? I can’t talk about my own personal experiences as my memory doesn’t go back that far, however my mother assured my i slept plenty. My own experiences with my daughter suggest that she doesn’t actually sleep much better than i do. Her record is 5 hours at once. What an amateur, i’ve managed to sleep 14 hours without waking up in the past. So the term sleep like a baby is not really something i aspire to.

To be honest thats why i consider this my own #1wp, because i never once get up and say i slept enough but not too much and feel completely refreshed. Do i do anything about it? Do i try to adopt better habits? Do i fuck!

The only problem with my rants about first world problems is i’m never sure what i’m getting to or if a real point is in there somewhere. Theres not. I like sleeping. I like rants. This was one about never sleeping enough.


Additional Point!

So the sleeping like a baby bit, i feel it could have been better. Quite often with these bits i never know where i’m going. However, my daughter wee legend that she is, has massively reduced my sleep time. The other day we had some vaccinations (fuck you anti-vaxers) and we had a very rough nights sleep. Now this truly is a first world problem. I’ve just ruled out the possible death of my child from around 15 different cause. Fantastic, its the main goal of all parents, anti-vaxers aside, to protect your children from everything you can. Despite doing the right thing by my child, i’m still upset i lost out on sleep! #1wp

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